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The Home of The Human Safety Net is a space open to the city and the world where public events dedicated to the community can be held, but also designed to become a place of encounter and inspiration where global dialogue on issues of social inclusiveness and sustainability is nourished and enriched. International organisations, academic bodies and all the partners of The Human Safety Net continuously animate this place where centuries of history meet the future to meet its challenges, in a city that aspires to become the World Sustainability Capital.

7 October 2023

Dritti sui Diritti

In the week for Children's Rights the appointment with Dritti sui Diritti is back. This year the Home of The Human Safety Net will host the conference The roots of sociality - School, a privileged place for the development of relationships and identity, organised by the Childhood and Adolescence Service of the Municipality of Venice in partnership with The Human Safety Net, Save the Children and Caritas.

14 October 2023

Festival Fin da Piccoli

The Festival Fin da Piccoli is a free event aimed at educators, teachers, health and socio-cultural workers and, of course, parents as well, which is part of “Dritti sui Diritti” organised by the Childhood and Adolescence Service of the Municipality of Venice. This year's theme is The roots of sociality, from the earliest days of life . It will feature Lynne Murray and Peter Cooper, from the University of Reading (UK) and directors of the Mikhulu Trust, Paola Milani, from the University of Padua and Monica Castagnetti from CSB - Un Villaggio per Crescere Milano, Mihaela Ionescu, director of the International Step by Step Association, and Giorgio Tamburlini, President of the Child Health Centre.In the afternoon, on the other hand, from 3.00 to 4.30 p.m. there will be free activities dedicated to shared reading with Nati per Leggere, the sound experience with Nati per la Musica, play and environmental education for parents, girls and boys aged 0 to 6.
Opening hours: 9am - 1.30pm.

Past events 2023

15 September 2023

I AM YOGA. Questions of balance between body and mind.

From 15 to 17 September, the event “Venice The city for Children” will be back to liven up the city, the Islands and Mestre with a full calendar of free events dedicated to families and children.
The Home of The Human Safety Net, in collaboration with the association Barchetta Blu, will participate with two laboratories on Friday 15 September “I AM YOGA. Questions of balance between body and mind”, inspired by the interactive exhibition “A World of Potential”, that invites us to discover and train our strengths and express our potential.
Together with the teacher Valentina Zocca, children will practice yoga to discover their body, but also their emotions, while learning to relax and concentrate. They will experience some Asana, body positions, Mantra, ritual chants and Mudra, symbolic hand gestures, other than listening to the music of Tibetan bells.

At 4.20-5.20 p.m. for children 4-6 years old
At 5.30-6.30 p.m. for children 2-3 years old
Time: around 1 hour

The laboratory and the entrance to the exhibition are free.
For information and reservations: info@barchettablu.it or 041 2413551 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

7 September 2023

Panel About Women Extra

For the second year, the meeting presented by MEP Alessandra Moretti will be held at the Home of The Human Safety Net to talk about women and sustainability, between environment, economy and social justice.

22 June 2023

Meet the Artist

A special meeting with Arthur Duff, the author of “The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential” inaugurated last April 14 in the Art Studio, which transforms the strengths of our visitors into a real work of art thanks to an innovative laser system. Event by reservation until seats last.

17 June 2023

Art Night

Also this year The Home of The Human Safety Net will remain open until 10.00 pm with free access, on the occasion of the 11th edition of Art Night Venice, the white night of culture promoted by Ca' Foscari University, in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice.

14 June 2023

Le Conversazioni

Journalist Antonio Monda meets the American writer Nathan Englander, author of highly successful short stories and novels such as "The ministry of special cases", "A dinner in the center of the earth" and "Kaddish.com ”.

10 June 2023

Foglio Innovation Festival

A day dedicated to the themes of technological development and its impact on our lives. Among the guests, representatives of the institutions, entrepreneurs, representatives of the largest companies in the sector, writers, entrepreneurs, journalists, academics and performers.

15-16 May 2023

Business of Impact 2023

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a lively community of organisations sharing the same vision and a common goal: creating positive societal impact through the practice of investing for impact.

10 February h 6.00 pm

Astronomy and Celestial Navigation, the Basilica of San Marco in the 13th century

Lecture by art historian and iconologist Gloria Vallese with talks by INAF astrophysicists Alfio Bonanno and Giangiaconmo Gandolfi on the 'Stars and Travels' project, an astronomical cycle from the 13th century in the Main Portal of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice.

15 February h 5.30 pm


As part of the Venetian Carnival calendar, a theatrical performance for deaf and hearing children and families, performed by Susi Danesin, a mime-clown specialising in visual comedy, and Isabella Moro, a dancer and dance-educator, which aims to unite different modes of non-speech communication, mixing mime, dance, and sign language.

18 February h 6.00 pm


Lotte Reiniger and the rediscovery of Cinema made with shadows and light.
With live music by Lorenzo Luizzi.
Curated by the Associazione Archivio Carlo Montanaro.

22 - 24 March 2023

International partners of Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE)

whose co-founder Orna Cohen is also the designer of “A World of Potential” - will meet together catching inspiraction and drawing on own strength to build group strength.

27 March 2023 h 18.00

Presentation of Giovanna Melandri's book

on the Impact Economy "How to Start Again".

29 March 2023 h 18.00

Theatrical reading on the life of Venetian painter Rosalba Carrera with Chiarastella Serravalle

The performance supports the activities of the San Pio X Family House on the Giudecca island, a partner of The Human Safety Net.

15 April 2023

The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential by A. Duff

The exhibition that from 15 April next will welcome visitors to "A World of Potential" in the Art Studio, the space that is an integral part of the interactive itinerary and that each year proposes works created specifically for the Home of Venice, in close dialogue with the contents and experience of "A World of Potential".

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