We innovate and implement models of experiential education, through which - starting from the first years of kindergarten until the end of high school - children and young people are supported in their growth and development as educated, involved, responsible and self-confident adults.

Fundația Noi Orizonturi (RO) / New Horizons Foundation (NHF) (EN)  is a Romanian organization using ”education for transformation” in order to reach our vision of a society where children and young people grow in a fertile soil, fulfill their potential and use it for the development of the community and the world they live in. We believe in the transformative power of experiential education and the ability of the support system - caregivers, educators and leaders in communities to support children and young people to become better, stronger and wiser.

The program

Founded in 2000, New Horizons Foundation (NHF) runs non-formal education programs both nationally and internationally. 


  • The Family Club (supported by Generali and THSN) is the program dedicated to caregivers of children in kindergartens from rural areas in Romania, in order to strengthen parenting skills and parents' confidence, as well as connection and trust with the kindergarten and, implicitly, the education system. The program trains Open hearts (Circle of Security reflection circle for parents), Sharp minds (parent-child reading club) and Skilled hands (parent-child crafts and preparation for writing). Running in 11 counties, in 2023 the program has impacted 346 parents and grandparents of 353 children with results such as a 39% increase in the time spent by the caregiver speaking with and paying attention to the child while doing the household chores, or 22% increase in the parents' ability to encourage their child. 
  • Glittery Schools (EN) (Școli cu ScLipici (RO)) is the literacy education program working with primary school teachers in vulnerable areas so that ”all children in Romania graduate the 4th grade knowing how to read and write”. The program is a reference in the Romanian educational world, capacitating other organizations, as well as universities (for teacher training) and working closely with national and local education authorities. 
  • IMPACT is the service learning program for youth clubs empowering over 3500 youth (13-18 y/o) annually to become active leaders in their communities. IMPACT is not only the largest youth community service learning movement in Romania, but has been replicated through international partners in 30 countries, running 800 clubs.
  • VIAȚA (meaning LIFE in Romanian) is our outdoor and adventure education program for over 1500 children and youth (8-18 y/o) annually. For 23 years, VIAȚA has been focusing on value-based education (VIA model) and deepening self-confidence and interpersonal confidence. Besides the staff, VIAȚA welcomes national and international volunteers and is a hub for annually training generation of outdoor camp leaders. 
  • Laboratory is our commitment to constantly test new educational models. We are currently piloting JoCoLab - the Laboratory for Play and Collaboration where we explore the world of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) -  for primary schools.