In partnership with Haciendo Camino and Fundacion Emmanuel

According to official statistics, more than 50% of Argentina’s population lives in poverty. With an unemployment rate around 6.9% and many hurdles to secondary education, social development remains elusive and hard to achieve.

Greater Buenos Aires is one of the most affected areas, and the place where The Human Safety Net Argentina decided to intervene first, empowering vulnerable populations and providing tools to help them overcome challenging life conditions.

In order to achieve our goal we partnered with a local NGO, conducting positive parenting and self-management skills workshops for more than 300 families with kids ages 0-6. Using resources parents already possess as a point of departure, we strive to strengthen their self-esteem and enhance their knowledge. The Human Safety Net Argentina hosts weekly meetings at our partner’s facilities in Colonia Urquiza, La Plata.

In 2019, with the aim of continuing to grow within the program, we partnered with Haciendo Camino, a NGO that works with the mission of improving the quality of life of children and families in vulnerable situations in northern Argentina. The pillars of this partnership with Haciendo Camino are the prevention of child malnutrition and comprehensive education. We provide our support in several workshops on health education and trades for mothers. With this program we work to create opportunities for hundreds of parents to unlock their potential by helping to transform the lives of their families and communities.

The program

  • Positive parenting and self-management skills workshops began in February 2018.


Partners involved

Local activities

Fundación Emmanuel
The Human Safety Net Argentina partners with Fundación Emmanuel to empower parents in vulnerable conditions

Fundación Emmanuel is an NGO that promotes children’s right to grow up in a stable family environment. The association assists 200 families of different nationalities that work on farms and live in a semi-rural area with poor housing conditions.
Their workshops offer a collaborative environment where parents can meet peers and share experiences, while reinforcing ties with their community.

“Families learn and strengthen themselves through positive parenting and self-management workshops. Together with The Human Safety Net Argentina we continue empowering people to help them improve their quality of life. Thank you to all the families for their trust, participation and commitment.” says Fundacion Emmanuel.

Haciendo Camino
Haciendo Camino is one of The Human Safety Net partners of the Families program in Argentina

Since 2006, the NGO has been working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable families from the north of Argentina. Their programs aim to promote integral growth and development of children between 0 a 6 years old, by accompanying mothers since pregnancy. The NGO currently has 12 centers where they treat children with malnutrition and offer workshops for their mothers.