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Serbia is a country in transition worn out by years of conflict and the deterioration of financial position of majority of its citizens. In the pursuit of a better quality of life, parents often neglect the needs of children, which in the long run affects their psycho-physical development. Various studies conducted in Serbia show that work with parents, as well as the coverage of children with pre-school education is still very low compared to EU countries.

Early learning has the greatest impact on children from the poorest families. The current situation in Serbia is that preschool education leaves out of the system children most in need of this type of impact, so that 50% of children ages 3-5 are not covered by preschool education.

At the national level, there are no programs for preparing and supporting parents in fulfilling their parental role, as there are no programs for parents to be aware of strategies important for fostering child development.

Therefore, The Human Safety Net in Serbia decided to support the Novak Djokovic Foundation, which aims to change this situation and set up the ‘Support, Not Perfection’ program. The main objective of the program is to foster early child development by helping their parents understand how best to develop their children's potential.

The program

The Human Safety Net started to support the program Support, Not Perfection in October 2018. So far, more than 290 parents have attended 29 workshops in 23 cities across Serbia.

Partners involved

Local activities

The Novak Đoković Foundation
Let’s make better future for children!

The Novak Đoković Foundation was established with a goal to provide children in Serbia with a better environment for education and growing up. The Support, Not Perfection program is one of many programs run by the Foundation. The program was designed to help parents, empower them with new skills and enable them to share their successes and their challenges. Over 1,500 parents across Serbia have taken part in the program. With the support of The Human Safety Net we want to make that number even higher in the future.