Programme For Families

Programme For Families

Parents have the greatest impact on their children’s development

The programme For Families supports parents living in vulnerable circumstances during the first six years of their children’s life, laying the strongest possible foundations for their children future and contributing to Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Changing the beginning of the story

Who we are now is shaped in the first six years of our life: one million neural connections form every second. By the time children start school, 90% of their brain is already fully developed.
Day by day, the brain is built through early relationships, experiences, and opportunities for learning. These have a proven impact on children’s health, education and career prospects for the rest of their lives. Economists show us that supporting early childhood development is the best investment we can make in our children’s future.

Contributing to Early Childhood Development (ECD)


The early years are also the most vulnerable: poverty, stress and neglect can hurt a child’s chances in life. Around the world, 250 million boys and girls under the age of 5 are at risk of not achieving their full potential, and this situation has only grown worse during the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

But even when facing great adversity, the best safety net for young children is a nurturing relationship with their parents. 

Building a nurturing relationship between parents and children

The Human Safety Net for Families programme supports parents by investing in parenting courses, family centres, and home visits. Generally, parents participate in frequent workshops over several months, receive home visits or can participate in activities with their children organised by family centres. 
Since the first days, the programme show parents the importance of playing and reading with their children and how to integrate these and other activities into their daily lives.
When children are born premature or suffer from birth complications, they are more at risk of failing to survive and thrive to their full potential. So, we also collaborate with hospitals, healthcare professionals and communities of parents to raise awareness, ensure adequate treatments and provide high-quality support before, during and after birth.

Parents receive counselling on topics such as health, hygiene, and nutrition. Families also connect with each other for peer support and are referred to relevant social, health and educational services when needed.
As a result, parents become more confident and cope better with emotions and stress. They acquire simple practices and behaviours which have a proven impact on child development.
Since the first breath, we empower parents to build a brighter future for their children.

The For Families programme contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

A world of parenting tips

  • Discover a series of parenting tips and videos coming from the real-life experience of thousands of parents around the world. 
  • These open-source, evidence-informed parenting resources were developed by “Parenting for Lifelong Health” initiative in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, and other international agencies.
  • Tips and videos are available in many languages

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