Programme For Refugees

Programme For Refugees

Refugees have the talent and resilience to build successful businesses, but they need dedicated support.

The programme For Refugees helps them flourish as entrepreneurs or get professional training to contribute to their inclusion in the local economy.

Millions of refugees have arrived in Europe in recent years, many of whom have the skills, the passion and the resilience to be successful entrepreneurs. Even when refugees are granted official status, they face special challenges when they want to launch a new business. Many find themselves confronted with complex regulations, an unfamiliar work culture, language barriers and difficulties obtaining accreditation. 

Helping refugees flourish as entrepreneurs 

Most lack the networks and access to financing necessary to make their dream a reality, as well as the confidence that they can overcome the challenges of creating a new business. This new generation of entrepreneurs needs dedicated support. For Refugee Start-Ups works side-by-side with refugees to implement their business ideas through training, coaching, and access to workspaces and financing.

Support their inclusion in host countries

Over 6-12 months, we support aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them develop concrete business plans, register their ventures and serve their first customers. They get the opportunity to learn about the business environment in their host countries and strengthen their networks by meeting new colleagues, mentors and business partners. And if entrepreneurship is not the right path for participants, the programme offers professional training and hands-on coaching for job positions their new communities need to fill. Today, entrepreneurs supported by The Human Safety Net are setting up businesses that range from restaurants to consulting firms, from language schools to IT platforms. They are contributing to making their local economies thrive.

The For Refugee programme contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: