The objective of the Human Safety Net for Families Program is to implement family centred baby care at neonatal intensive care units.

Every 10th baby is born too early in Hungary. These babies have to face many challenges at the beginning of their lives but with proper care most of them develop into healthy children.
We provide help to the treatment of premature babies and those who suffer lack of oxygen during childbirth, called perinatal asphyxia, and we support the affected families as well.

Within the frame of the program we support the work of hospitals with the acquisition of medical equipment, trainings and development, fundraising activities and volunteering.

We nurture good relationship with hospitals, doctors and nurses. Our objective is to reach more and more Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) with our program in the coming years.

The program

With the help of our partner, PAF, workshops and trainings have been held at 3 NICUs reaching more than 80 healthcare professionals, thus having an impact on the care of more than 100 preterm babies. The medical equipment that procured through The Human Safety Net have supported the care of many newborns already providing them the opportunity of maximal safety and optimal healing. 

Partners involved

Local activities

Positive Attitude Formation - For a more humane healthcare

The Foundation works on restoring healthcare professionals’ passion and self esteem.
The Foundation dreams of compassionate hospital departments where passion, honesty, full personality of staff, processing of human difficulties are given space, self-reflection and learning are part of everyday life, teamwork is present instead of a harmful hierarchy, and healthcare staff are sympathetic towards patients and relatives.

PAF has 60 volunteers who are organization developers, trainers, coaches, healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses and media professionals who work together voluntarily with hospitals, health institutes, doctors, nurses, other paramedics and patients as well.

PAF is the partner of The Human Safety Net for Families program since the very beginning.