Creating the opportunities for a solid foundation

With our for Families programme, we aim to support parents to enhance a healthy, balanced development for their children in their most vulnerable early childhood period, thereby providing them stronger foundations for their future.

After an initial focus on supporting premature baby care in Hungary, we gradually broadened our activities to vulnerable families with 0-6 years aged children.

The program

In cooperation with our partners, our objective is to create better opportunities for solid foundations, which is key for further development. There are four areas where we would like to impact: give opportunity for premature babies, for a balanced early childhood, for making the most out of their own resources and for a healthy development. 

Partners involved

Local activities

PAF Foundation
Improving family-centered babycare and support for preterm babies and their families

PAF offers customized human organizational development (OD) at Neonatal Intensive Care Units with The Human Safety Net.

The objective is to develop a newborn baby care system by increasing baby focus and involving parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units’ (NICU) treatment.
NICUs can achieve the following goals through the customized human OD project:

  • Stronger cooperation and responsibility
  • Improve the efficiency of leadership and change management 
  • Decrease burnout  
  • Better involvement of parents and more effective communication with them
Melletted a helyem Egyesület - Right(s) Beside You Association
For the premature babies

The Association brings together doctors, medical professionals, psychologists, obstetricians and parent representatives of premature children in order to improve the quality of care. In order to achieve our goals, one of our main activities is to provide training for physicians and healthcare professionals performing prenatal care and work towards the implementation of family-centred care principles and the 24 hours presence of parents. 
The Human Safety Net supports the Association’s educational activities for both professionals and families.

Otthon segítünk Alapítvány
For a balanced early childhood

Home Start is an effective program with a long history of supporting families with young children with the help of trained volunteers through regular home visits.
Through the supportive parent groups and workshops with The Human Safety Net, parents would have the chance to be part of a community, get the relevant parenting information and get to know the core service of the foundation while getting support from volunteers as well.

BLUM Program
„What can you do today for the future of your children?”

The mission of BLUM is to help children make the most out of their own resources, abilities, and personality to find their place in the world and feel comfortable with themselves.
BLUM’s „Bluming” program offers an accredited training program for kindergarten teachers. Within the project with The Human Safety Net, workshops will be organized for parents of disadvantaged children from the kindergarten groups in rural villages where the teachers have been involved in the Bluming training. The workshop series aims to stimulate and prepare parents so that the children's primary and secondary socialization environment (family and institution) strengthen one another and represent the same approach to develop the childrens abilities as fully as possible. 

Mothers for Mothers Foundation

The program offers early intervention and support to vulnerable families with small children. It aims to enhance the resilience, mental health and well-being of children by supporting parents. Activities aim to make parents more conscious about nutrition, their health issues (regular, free medical check-ups), and provide a solid background for their family regarding financials or housing.