Discover The Home of The Human Safety Net

The 2,500 square met area dedicated to The Human Safety Net is on the third floor and has four separate spaces:
the Exhibition, the Café, The Hub and the auditorium, The Hall, with and events space.

Entirely traversed by the spectacular enfilade of 15 arches designed by David Chipperfield Architects, the Home of The Human Safety Net is a space divided into four different, interconnected and synergetic areas. All are, in different ways, an expression of The Human Safety Net's mission and programmes.

The interactive exhibition A World of Potential makes visitors protagonists and conveys a message that is at the heart of The Human Safety Net's mission: the importance of being aware of our potential and the right we all have to express and develop it. The Hub is a co-working pace for the creation and development of new ideas and projects that have social inclusion issues at their heart. The Hall, with its state of the art auditorium,  is an inspiring space for meetings and dialogue. The Illy Café, adjacent to the exhibition, is a place for refreshment, but also for reflection.

The library offers visitors the opportunity to explore the themes of social impact, parenting and social entrepreneurship, but also to discover more about the beauty and history of Venice, which, beyond the oculi that run the length of the floor, unfolds its incredible and timeless beauty. 

The firm Migliore+Servetto was selected to design the interiors of The Home of The Human Safety Net. The work includes the interior, the Exhibition and the Multimedia design of the entire third floor, as well as the reception and retail spaces on the ground floor of the building under the artistic direction of Davide Rampello


"The design for the Human Safety Net's new home is characterized by the lightness with which it relates both to the city of Venice, an emblem of strong cultural identity and hospitality, and to the historical complex of the Procuratie that houses it. It is focused on inclusion and accessibility in equal measure, central themes in the project's development"

Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto

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