Scale Up-Impact

A global strategy to scale up the social impact of The Human Safety Net


Through our work with NGOs, we found that many of our pioneering partners have models that could be replicated beyond a single organisation and which could work at a larger scale. So, we created Scale Up Impact to identify these high-potential projects and facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration with public, private and social sectors, expanding their reach to support families and refugees nationwide. 

Launched in 2020, The Human Safety Net’s global Scale Up Impact identifies projects that already have a proven social impact and then provides them with both financial and non-financial multi-year support. At its heart is ‘open net’ collaboration with other organisations, so increasing the overall capability to support families and refugees around the world. The Human Safety Net is investing €7million to provide its NGO partners with an additional source of funding to deploy their programmes on a nationwide scale. 12 co-funding companies and associations already joined the programme, contributing for a total investment of €2.5million.

By working together, The Human Safety Net’s NGO partners and the public, private and social sectors can replicate successful models, so transforming the lives of more vulnerable people.

Scale Up Impact’s projects


The first three-year cycle of Scale Up Impact was launched in 2020. 

In the first edition only, The Human Safety Net and its NGO partners aim to boost the number of family centres for parents with children aged 0-6 in an additional 43 cities in Argentina, Serbia and Italy. Furthermore, they aim to open five new incubators for refugee entrepreneurs across France and Germany. 


Building on its open net principle, during the first edition. The first four NGO partners that are receiving both financial and non-financial support to upscale their successful models nationwide are Haciendo Camino (Argentina), Novak Djokovic Foundation (Serbia), Centro per la Salute del Bambino (Italy), and SINGA (France and Germany).


SINGA aims to create a new global entity and replicate its flagship ‘Singa for Business’ programme for migrant-led innovation, opening chapters in five cities in France and Germany: Lyon, Nantes, Lille, Strasbourg and Berlin.

Novak Djokovic Foundation

Novak Djokovic Foundation is collaborating with local and national preschool institutions to expand its “Support, not Perfection” programme to 15 locations in Serbia and create dedicated parents’ centres.

Haciendo Camino

Haciendo Camino plans to consolidate its integrated programme for helping families and supporting children’s early learning, partnering with global players and replicating the programme in 13 communities across Argentina.

Centro per la Salute del Bambino (CSB)

Centro per la Salute del Bambino (CSB) will expand the successful “A Village to grow” model in 6 new towns in Italy, collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, including municipalities, and other non-profit organisations