Social Impact investing

Mobilising investment capital for a larger social impact 

Impact investing is a pioneering investment approach (and a €590B market) for investing in social enterprises such as social housing companies or companies employing refugees. It is capable of delivering financial returns alongside a measurable social or environmental impact. 

For The Human Safety Net, impact investing presents a way of mobilising investment capital above and beyond its philanthropic resources. 
It is a strategy for unlocking human potential at a far greater scale, complimentary to our grant making efforts.

Two impact investment pilots

In collaboration with The Human Safety Net, Generali has developed two impact investing pilots for a total value of €34M.
These impact investing activities will allow us to dramatically expand our impact on vulnerable families and refugees beyond the programs we fund.

Our pilots in this field contribute to social inclusion more broadly, making investments in areas such as social housing, adequate nutrition, microfinance and stable employment, all of which help create an enabling environment for the disadvantaged people served by our programs and NGO partners.

We will promote this approach and the concrete achieved results to inspire other asset managers to discover the potential of impact investing.