In Zurich in partnership with Capacity

More than 50% of newcomers to Switzerland have a university degree. However, language and cultural barriers, and often a lack of recognition of their previous careers, make it difficult for them to get started in their new country. They also lack the social network and knowledge to navigate the Swiss education system and job market. Being turned down and experiencing unemployment leads to psychological problems, social isolation and dependence on state welfare.

We believe that our society can benefit from the skills of people from refugee or migrant backgrounds. Together with our partner organization Capacity Zurich, we help them reach their potential. 

Within the Entrepreneurship programme, we encourage people with refugee or migrant backgrounds to explore and further develop their skills as entrepreneurs. We also help a number of participants to set up their own businesses and offer small start-up loans.

Despite being highly qualified, many people from refugee or migrant backgrounds find it difficult to find work in Switzerland. The Access programme is designed to provide them with everything they’ll need to enter the Swiss labour market. Added to that, we also help them with their social and economic integration in Switzerland.

The program

From 2019 to 2022, 131 persons with refugee or migrant background were able to benefit from the Entrepreneurship programme. 11 participants have started their business and 6 participants have found a job.

In 2022, 40 highly qualified refugees or migrants were able to benefit from the Access programme. 10 of them landed a job within three months after finishing the program. Another 23 were actively interviewing for job opportunities.

Partners involved

Local activity

Capacity Zurich
Fostering Refugee & Migrant Talent

Our partner Capacity brings locals and newcomers together with a focus on collaborative skill-sharing at its centre.  Capacity's Talent and Start-up Incubator runs an Entrepreneurship and an Access programme, both of which are aimed at people with a refugee or migrant background in Switzerland.