Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Supporting visually impaired children with Nadace Leontinka

With the "For Families" program, we want to support premature babies and their families, covering all three phases – before, during, and after birth. We cooperate with two NGO partners: Vita et Futura (Endowment Fund for development of gynecology and obstetrics) and Nadace Leontinka (Leontinka Foundation).

With Vita et Futura we support the maternity hospital U Apolináře in Prague with the supply of modern diagnostic equipment helping predict risk factors during pregnancy and delivery, to reduce the number and impact of long-lasting disabilities. In cooperation with Nadace Leontinka, we support the early care social service provided to premature newborns that require dedicated assistance, right after birth in the Maternity hospital České Budějovice and later, during the first months of babies' lives, also at families' homes across the Czech Republic.
With our activities, we aim to identify health complications early and provide adequate support in case of a complicated delivery.

Babies born pre-term can develop a visual impairment that impacts their quality of life and their families. The Human Safety Net in the Czech Republic has partnered with Nadace Leontinka (Leontinka Foundation) in fulfilling its mission to 'bring light' to the lives of visually impaired children since the beginning of 2020, supporting both For Families and For Newborns programs.

We support families with visually impaired children up to 6 years old, focusing on providing them with early care social service to stimulate children's sensory perception, improve their movement skills, and eventually strengthen their social relationships.
Everyday training and stimulation of children's eyesight can reduce their visual impairment up to 100%.

Parents are empowered as they receive support with practical activities (eye stimulation exercises with children, loans of equipment and toys) and educational ones (counseling, care recommendations, advice of expert counselors on medical examinations, child's development plan or adjusting their family environment to better cope with their child's handicap).
We contribute to helping the social workers and the service they provide to families in a professional, yet caring and empathetic way.

The program

In cooperation with our partner Nadace Leontinka we support families with visually impaired children. Leontinka currently provides support, advice, and guidance to around 600 families with visually impaired children through early care social services.

Partners involved

Local activities

Nadace Leotinka
Helping children and young people with visual impairment to be integrated in society

Nadace Leontinka mission is to bring light in the light in the lives of visually impaired children. In cooperation with Early Care Centers throughout the Czech Republic, Nadace Leontinka provides comprehensive assistance to families with children with visual and combined disabilities. The activities mainly include rehabilitation, visual stimulation, and training of skills to compensate for the children's special needs. Their staff works directly with families to facilitate the integration of visually impaired children into society.