Active in a number of locations and supported by six partners in Germany

More than 1.5 million refugees have arrived in Germany since 2015, most of whom from the Middle East. Two-thirds are 30 and under, and approximately 60% are male.

Integrating these men and women into the German labor market has proven more complicated and proceeded more slowly than expected. Most job center institutions have not yet developed an effective approach for self-employment.

We help fill this gap for refugees who want to become entrepreneurs. Many were self-employed in their home countries, and studies indicate that 10-15% are interested in becoming self-employed in Germany. Participants in the program learn the basics of entrepreneurship: how to develop an idea and how to create a business plan. They benefit from wide-ranging support from experts, including coaching and training, and can use our co-working spaces to exchange ideas with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

The program empowers refugees, helping them become successful businessmen and women. Together with our international coalition of partners, we’re helping refugees start businesses that enable them to build new livelihoods, contribute to the local economy and restore personal dignity.

The program

  • Opened in Munich in September 2017
  • A selective, stage-linked approach
  • Support for entrepreneurs organized into a four-phase “funnel” approach
  • First participants registered businesses in summer 2018


Partners involved

Local activities

Social Impact
The value of partnerships

Our aim is to introduce people to Social Impact, familiarizing them with its approach as part of The Human Safety Net, where it operates and what it can accomplish.

“Being part of the worldwide movement and fortunate to have already established our own positive reputation, we now have a unique opportunity to leverage the network and the experiences of our partners to improve even further.” - Olaf Weberring, Social Impact Lab, Munich.

Driving innovations

Offered by PLACE Networks, THSN Innovation help boost participants’ ability to innovate at every stage of project development.