COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more Filipinos toward poverty; increasing vulnerability among families and children.

Child poverty is projected to increase to 45% in 2021 from 31.4% . Unemployment rate has reached 8.7% by year-end 2020 which is significantly higher than the 5.4% average rate before the pandemic. The economic crisis has forced Filipinos to situations wherein basic needs such as water, sanition, housing, education and etc. are more difficult to access. 

Infants and young children deserve to be in a safe, protective and nuturing environment as they grow. In support of the healthy development of Filipino children, we have partnered with ChildFund Philippines in building the capacities of local governement and communities, and parents to provide them Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). The program aims to equip parents and caregivers on proper ECD knowledge, attitudes and practices towards infants and young children under their care in Metro Manila. 

Committing to support the lives of vulnerable Filipino families and children is more than a responsibility. It is a social value of creating meaningful and long-lasting impact in the communities where we operate in.  We believe in sharing our capabilities, resources and network in making a positive change to Filipinos. 


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The program

The partnership was established in 2021 and aims to equip 600 parents and caregivers and 1,200 children and infants in Metro Manila. 

Partners involved

Local activities

ChildFund Philippines
Strenghtening parenting support for the most vulnerable families

The partnership was established in 2021. ChildFund’s ENHANCE_RPP program model (Ensuring Nutrition, Health, and Children’s Early Learning strengthened with Responsive and Protective Parenting) is implemented in partner communities in Metro Manila to strengthen the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs), sub-national government and local partners, parents
and caregivers.