In six cities with Union of Mothers' Center

The latest results demonstrate that 16.1 % of the Slovak inhabitants were endangered by poverty or social exclusion in 2018. The poverty endangers 48.9 % of poor inhabitants, what is the highest rate, but also 36.9 % of incomplete households of single parents with one or more dependent children. It also endangers 35.8 % of complete families with three and more dependent children. Children younger than 18 years are the most endangered age group within the income poverty. Each fifth child (20.1 %) lives in a household with the income below the poverty level.   

The programme “Learning for Life“ was launched within The Human Safety Net initiative in cooperation with the Union of Mother Centres in Slovakia. The programme is focused on help to disadvantaged families (socially, financially, medically) with aim to decrease the poverty via inclusive education. The free programme “Learning for Life“ is aimed at disadvantaged and socially weak families with children of 0 – 6 years. During 11 months the families meet once a week in mother/family centre at workshops under guidance of a certified lecturer. Each session takes 2 – 3 hours during which parents using Montessori method learn to develop skills and capabilities of their children in a playful form. Education is aimed at development of sensomotoric, language and social skills, at fine-tuning of senses and development of thinking, as well as at learning within the different areas – colours recognition, mathematics and geography for children and many others.

The program

The programme Learning for Life has been launched in November 2018 in 6 cities all around Slovakia.

Partners involved

Local activities

The Union of Mother Centres

The Union of Mother Centres is a non-government non-profit organization which supports creation of mother and family centres in the different regions of Slovakia. It helps mother and family centres to grow on a local level, it merges mother and family centres in entire Slovakia, it helps centres to keep fix and unique place in a social perception. The mission of the Union of Mother Centres is to achieve dignity and recognition of the motherhood in a society. To create a better world around us where mothers with children have a dignified position. To create conditions which support the motherhood, in the supreme interest of a child, mother and family.

Photo credits: Veronika Seliga Pilatova