Corporate Social Innovation

The Human Safety Net is engaged to explore, inspire and create innovative ways for corporate organizations to leverage their core business and collaborate for social impact.

Each private organization has a role to play to build a more resilient economy and society and be an active contributor to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The collaboration between private and public organizations is the key to reach a larger impact. This requires for companies to innovate and test new ways to do their business so that business objectives and social impact go hand in hand.

Today, we focus our efforts in 2 focus areas.

  • Through Social impact investing, we mobilise investment capital above and beyond its philanthropic resources, to reach a larger impact to support further development in our focus areas. 
  • Innovation for Social impact. We collaborate with private and public global organizations like UNICEF and the University of Oxford to design, develop and make accessible new approaches and tools for NGOs to strengthen programmes focusing on Parenting, ECD or refugees’ entrepreneurship.
    Learn more about on parenting resources developed with Parenting for Lifelong Health initiative