Privacy Information

In its capacity as Data Controller, Assicurazioni Generali, is entitled to process the personal data of interested subjects, as part of its institutional activities, aimed at supporting social projects.

Only personal data that are strictly necessary are processed both on paper and with the help of electronic instruments; some data may be essential and their lack may prevent the management of existing relations. Such data are processed by our collaborators in their capacity as Data Processors or Persons in charge of the processing; for some kinds of services we also avail ourselves of outsourcers which carry out technical, organisational and operational tasks on our behalf in Italy or abroad. Personal data are not subject to dissemination unless specifically provided for by the law.

The technical management of the web site is carried on by the company Tinext, as Data Controller.

All Data Subjects can exercise their rights of access and know what personal data are held by us, their origins and how they are used. They shall also be entitled to call for the data to be updated, rectified, supplemented or deleted, ask for them to be blocked or object to their processing, and require further information on the processing of personal data by contacting Assicurazioni Generali, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 2, 34132 Trieste.

Further information on the purposes, origin and type of processed data, scope of communication and their dissemination, if any, is provided in the following items:

Internet users and Cookie

Data processing purposes: ensure the proper functioning of the website, improve your browsing experience and provide you a service in line with your preferences. Assicurazioni Generali does not use cookies for commercial profiling.
Data origin: passive collection of the internet Users’ information (cookies) stored in their browsers.
Processed data types: common personal data (cookies belonging to the websites’ Data Controller or third party).
Scope of communication: cookies stored in users' terminal are used directly by the Data Controller of the website and by Data Controllers of third party’s websites that have installed them for the same purposes listed above or other related purposes.
Scope of dissemination: the Company does not disseminate any personal data.
Any different processing methods will be subject to specific communication.

Privacy and security

Assicurazioni Generali, acting as Data Controller, attaches utmost importance to confidentiality, protection and safety of information, particularly personal data concerning their customers and people who get in touch with Assicurazioni Generali.
This section outlines the methods used to administer this site with regard to the processing of users' personal data. Pursuant to Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Personal Data Protection Code), this information is also provided to subjects interacting with the services provided over the Internet by Assicurazioni Generali (Data Controller).
Information is provided for and applies to Assicurazioni Generali Web sites only. It is not applicable to any other Web site linked to the site.
Surfers are required to provide personal data only if they want to get in contact with us or ask for advice. In such cases - totally voluntary - Surfers are required to read the Information as established by the Law and to provide only data strictly necessary to handle their requests.
We are pleased to provide useful information on the methods of active and passive collection of information concerning subjects/means interacting with this Web site, as well as on the security measures taken.
While surfing a web site, it is technically possible to collect data even without a user's explicit registration to the service or without his active role. This type of collection is called “passive data collection”.
The use of IP addresses, cookies and other session identifiers, Internet tags, and surfing data, including the possibility to exclude them and their implications, are shown below.

As regards the passive data collection:

  • the web site does not use IP address (Internet Protocol Addresses) to collect information. However, IP addresses are stored as surfing data;
  • it uses surfing data as aggregate data for statistical purposes only;
  • it uses its own and third parties' cookies and other session identifiers (technical and profiling). Technical cookies are used in order to make surfing possible or provide a service requested by the user only if strictly necessary, in compliance with the Legislative Decree no. 69/2012 and with the European legislation on personal data protection concerning the electronic communications services accessible to the public. For these purposes consent is not required. Third parties' profiling cookies are used for statistical purposes - in anonymous form or not - in order to provide users a service in line with their preferences. It is possible to disable the use of cookies depending on the browser, even though in this case surfing may not be equally easy.