Running in Tanah Merah, Jakarta together with Hope Worldwide

In 2017 Indonesia’s Ministry of National Development Planning released a report focusing on the dire living situations experienced by disadvantaged children around the country. Among other things, the report showed that 14% of Indonesia’s child population lives below the national poverty line. Less than 5% of children ages 6 and under are protected by social welfare, and an average 40 out of every 1,000 children born die before they turn five. One in ten Indonesian children is acutely malnourished.

Most importantly, the report showed that poor children suffer disproportionately: they are twice as likely to die before they turn five; and five times more likely to abandon school than those born into privileged families.

The Human Safety Net understands that ensuring children’s wellbeing – making it possible for them to grow up healthy, educated, safe and happy – is the best route to guaranteeing they become successful adults and make a positive contribution to their communities. That’s why we began working to improve living conditions for families in underprivileged communities, starting in the capital, Jakarta, and expanding from there.

In Indonesia, The Human Safety Net’s For Families program focuses especially on giving children ages 0-6 assistance for early child development, care and education. We get parents involved, providing them education and the skills they need to give their children equal life chances. All donations we receive are used to extend our reach and help change more underprivileged families' lives for the better.

The program

  • The first “Saturday Academy” program was inaugurated March 2018
  • Hundreds of children given early childhood development assistance & care, tutoring & character-building exercises, as well as basic health needs
  • Parenting and financial literacy workshops began April 2018


Partners involved

Local activities

Hope Worldwide Indonesia
Powered by positive partnership…

The Human Safety Net for Families in Indonesia is partnered with Hope Worldwide – a international NGO based in Philadelphia (USA) that serves roughly one million people every year in 70 developing countries around the world.

Through The Human Safety Net for Families, Hope Worldwide Indonesia has extended the reach of its “Saturday Academy” program, helping change lives by making a difference for disadvantaged children ages 0-6.

Parents attend parenting workshops and financial literacy classes to provide a framework for combining character development with financial education, helping put them in a position to raise a generation that is mentored to become financially stable and independent.