Enhancing the professional career and life of refugees and migrants in Italy

The Human Safety Net supports the social and employment integration of refugees and migrants through training and job search programmes enabling them to get started in the labour market or develop their careers by finding jobs in line with their skills and ambitions.

Our goal is to promote meaningful changes in the lives of refugees through employment, thus benefiting their families and communities.

The programme to be implemented in Italy aims to enhance the professional careers and lives of young refugees and migrants, and foster their inclusion in the labour market and the local community.

By relying on a network of partners throughout Italy, we develop pathways for social and employment integration through training on hard and soft skills and support in active job searching.

The program

  • The programme involves partnerships with six non-profit organisations operating nationwide.
  • It is intended for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants or holders of residence permits for work and family reunification located in Italy.
  • The goal of the programme is to promote the employability as well as the social and work integration of the above-mentioned persons through job-oriented training and support in the active job search.

Partners involved

National Partners


Cometa SCS offers training courses to young people and adults. Since 2009, Cometa has been developing projects for young refugees and migrants, always working in partnership with local players, such as institutions, companies, and social organisations active in welcoming and accompanying migrants. 

The project: With the support of The Human Safety Net, Cometa promotes personalised training courses for the job placement of young migrants and refugees in the Como area, by specially focusing on the wood craft sector and services for local businesses.

Community of San Martino al Campo

The Community of San Martino al Campo is a voluntary association operating in Trieste since 1970 whose purpose is welcoming, listening and sharing; it focuses on people, the protection of their dignity and their right to be happy.

The project: The "Passo dopo Passo" (Step by Step) project, implemented with The Human Safety Net, aims to support and assist a number of young people who have recently come of age and arrived in Italy as unaccompanied minors. The goal is for them to achieve an adequate level of autonomy in terms of work, housing and relationships.

Italian Red Cross - Milan Committee

The Milan Red Cross is a voluntary organisation active at a local level with hundreds of volunteers working in the field of urgent and emergency care, health protection and social inclusion, with programmes targeted at fighting against poverty and supporting vulnerable families, homeless people and migrants.

The project: With the support of The Human Safety Net, the Milan Red Cross is working with a large number of partners to implement empowerment and vocational training programmes aimed at facilitating the social and employment integration (ranging from large-scale distribution to logistics, from catering to IT) of refugees, asylum seekers or holders of residence permits for work and family reunification, from non-EU countries and the so-called emerging and third world countries. 


Italy Accenture Foundation ETS

Fondazione Italia Accenture ETS supports social entrepreneurs and promotes the employment of young people in disadvantaged conditions, by fostering training on future skills and fair access to work.

The project: The ReadyForIT programme, of which The Human Safety Net is a partner, is an innovative digital training programme in IT, which aims to enhance the potential of young refugees and economic migrants, in order to facilitate their access to IT professions, thereby improving their quality of life in Italy.