In partnership with ZPM-Moste Polje in Ljubljana

In 2022, the level of risk of poverty in Slovenia was 12.1%. Compared to the previous year, it rose by 0.4%. In 2022, 251,000 inhabitants lived below the poverty threshold, which means that their incomes were lower than the poverty threshold of €827 per month. The level of risk of poverty in Slovenia is below the EU threshold. This is especially troubling given that 37,000 of the people living in poverty are children. 

To offer help to Slovenian families in need The Human Safety Net partnered with Zveza prijateljev mladine Ljubljana Moste-Polje (Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje). The association’s program ‘Veriga dobrih ljudi’ (Chain of Good People) offers help and support in various fields connected to family life.

Family members can participate in number of workshops designed to strengthen parenting skills, learn to manage financial affairs and the household, improve literacy as well as receive therapeutic help and support for utilizing Slovenia’s social system. Children can take advantage of holiday and free time activities, and all activities are organized by professional, experienced volunteers and social workers.

The goal is to help improve each family’s living conditions. Participating families learn new skills and reinforce exisiting skills, thereby creating a path to a better future.

Since 2015 we have helped more than 1.050 families in need, helping them in their daily life struggles  and giving them an opportunity to change their lives and the lives of their children for the better. In the last three years (since 2021) we reached 850 children, aged 0 to 6 years. 

The program

  • The origins of the Chain of Good People program date back to 2010
  • Generali Slovenia becomes a program benefactor (April 2015) as part of The Human Safety Net

THSN activities also include support groups for mothers on maternity leave and support groups for parents with children from 0 to 6 years old; exercise classes for toddlers; creative workshops for mothers with small children; fairy tale and reading hours; workshops and lectures on raising preschool children; online seminars and lectures on parenting and education; interesting occasional workshops and lectures, such as e.g. toddler yoga, washable diapers, making natural cosmetics for toddlers, exchanging clothes and equipment etc.

Partners involved

Local activities

Partner Zveza prijateljev mladine Ljubljana Moste-Polje
Helping Slovenian families escape poverty

Non-profit humanitarian organization ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje (Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje) has been ensuring equal opportunities and a healthy psychophysical development for children and youth for over six decades.

The program “Volja vselej najde pot” (Will Always Finds a Way) includes young parents in projects which empower them, helping them establish  healthy family dynamics, supporting parenting activities and ensuring healthy development for their children. It helps parents fulfil their life goals and equips them to become independent and make a positive contribution to society.

A part of every donation goes to the program, while the rest is directed to other activities including creation of the “Družinski center Skupen korak” (“Common Step” Family Center) and therapeutic weekends for families.

Every summer volunteers from Generali Slovenia collect school materials for children from disadvantaged environments, distributing these donations through ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje each September in order to facilitate the children’s first days at school.

“Without The Human Safety Net’s financial help we wouldn’t be able to do everything we do. We’ve helped create a foundation for a better future for almost 100 families… We are unbelievably thankful for this donation. It has been a great help, allowing us to save families and children in great distress, when they were unable to escape poverty on their own.” - Anita Ogulin, ZPM Ljubljana Moste-Polje.