Supporting Earlu Childhood Develpment in partnership with ACEV

A child’s first 6 years is considered to be a vital stage in human development. During this period, called “early childhood,” the child’s brain develops at a fast pace.

Data from the Turkish Statistical Institute shows that mothers are responsible for child care in 89.6% of the families in Turkey. The data also demonstrates that 43% of women have only a primary school degree, 8% are not literate, and 74.9% of women with no literacy have four or more children.

With the support of THSN for Families program, Mother Support Program (MSP) aims to support, through education, mothers’ efforts in their capacity as the shapers of a child’s development and the closest to a child; to contribute to their parenting skills.

Also, there has been a flourishing literature on the importance of father’s involvement in the child’s development. On the other hand, men’s involvement in promoting gender equality in many societal areas seems to occupy the contemporary agenda. Therefore, in the proposed project, we target not only mothers but also fathers by implementing our Father Support Program (FSP).

The program

With the Father & Mother support program for disadvantaged families, the trainings of 35 trainers will be conducted in both İstanbul and İzmir, with 103 classes in İstanbul and 37 classes in İzmir. Our target number of class is 140 and with this program 780 mothers, 1000 fathers and 200 children will be educated.


Partners involved

Local activities

Upgrading the First6 Years App

When ACEV’s face-to-face programmes were interrupted due to Covid-19 pandemic, ACEV decided to upgrade and relaunch its First6Years app to provide content and advice to parents via mobile devices.
The First6Years app is a free mobile application for smartphones and tablets, offering content focused on development for children ages 3 to 6. ACEV launched an expanded and interactive version of the app for a broader age group (pregnancy to 6 yrs.). The revised app is more playful and interactive, offering more video content for families with low literacy levels and collaborating with companies to offer discounted goods and services.