People Stories

The Human Safety Net is a movement of people helping people. Discover the stories of mothers, fathers, children, refugees and volunteers in this year’s report.


The story of Marko, a father from Croatia

‘I was happy to share lessons with other parents. I know it works’.

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The story of Gabika, a mom, a dad, and a grandma all-in-one

‘Today, Jarko is a bolder, braver, and more active boy, thanks to the long and patient efforts of the leaders from the programme.

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The story of Carola, an Italian mom of three

‘There is no shame in finding yourself in difficult situations, and you can do it with the right help.

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The story of Nataliia, a Ukrainian refugee in Berlin

‘My encounter with Imagine and The Human Safety Net proved to be a turning point in my journey. With their assistance, I secured not one but two jobs.

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The story of Rima, a Syrian refugee-entrepreneur with a catering business

‘Starting my own business helped me to start believing in myself again.

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The story of Diana, an entrepreneur awarded by the UN for her support to other migrants

‘The decision to leave one’s homeland is never easy. Sometimes, we need guidance....

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