Activity Report 2020

Our 2020 Activity Report presents the highlights of 2020, a year characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic that affected at a higher degree the most vulnerable families and refugees The Human Safety Net supports. To this, we have responded offering the greatest possible flexibility, matched with financial and non financial support to our partners to as much as possible close to their beneficiaries.

So far we have reached 86,000 families and refugees. Discover the stories of the people we support and our digital volunteers. Learn more about our Theory of change, key facts and figures and our ways of working.

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People's story

Patricia's Story

Whenever it was needed, we’ve always had a call. They kept telling us: 'if you need something, just come in...' They were a great support for our children’s education. For that I’ll always be grateful. .

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Dadka's Story

‘This programme has given me long-lasting relationships, even above and beyond the family centre workshops ’

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Sucheta's Story 

‘Thanks to the facilitator's guidance, I learnt how to make educational materials for Rhea from recycled paper, improve her language development through stories and everyday conversations, and how to keep my daughter healthy ’

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Anas's Story

‘My dream of building bridges to bring highquality seeds from the Middle East to Germany and produce seed and fruit oils in line with German quality standards is now that much closer to being fulfilled!’

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The story of Carlos and Fabian

‘Once the lockdown started we lost close to 90% of our orders, because our business model was focused on professional clients. We had to think about other sources of income, so we started delivering our coffee by bike to families and people all over Paris. ’

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Mirka's Story

‘The meetings are helpful, the children are happy and I always get lot of new information and insights ’

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Download the 2020 Activity Report

The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2020.

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Download the 2020 Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet of Generali Foundation - The Human Safety Net ONLUS outlines the financial performance according to the current Italian legislation.

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The Human Safety Net 2019 Activity Report

The Human Safety Net Activity Report provides a comprehensive overview of global activities during 2019.

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