Our 2020 Activity Report presents the highlights of 2020, a year characterized by the Covid-19 pandemic that affected at a higher degree the most vulnerable families and refugees The Human Safety Net supports. To this, we have responded offering the greatest possible flexibility, matched with financial and non financial support to our partners to as much as possible close to their beneficiaries.

So far we have reached 86,000 families and refugees. Discover the stories of the people we support and our digital volunteers. Learn more about our Theory of change, key facts and figures and our ways of working.

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Facts and Figures

People we support

In 2020, and despite the challenging Covid-19 environment, The Human Safety Net community boosted its effort doubling the number of families and refugees benefitting from our programmes. With more than 55K people supported in 2020, we reached over 86K families and refugees since the start of the activity of The Human Safety Net.

Total invested budget

The Human Safety Net Foundation is a registered charity. We spend 100% of our grant budget, as well as any donations received, on our programmes. We operate through a mixed funding model: total investment is made up of funding from The Human Safety Net Foundation and from Generali business units.
In 2020 total invested budget reached € 7.5M, of which € 3.9M from The Human Safety Net Foundation and €3.6M from Generali business units. In addition, we could leverage on €1.1M from Generali employees and agents fundraising and € 2.5M from co-funding by other partners.

Supporting Families

The For Families programme is active in 20 countries (Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Vietnam) with 35 NGO partner organisations. Since its launch in 2018, For Families has reached 80,515 beneficiaries (of which 28,117 parents and 52,338 children).

Empowering Refugees

The Refugee Start Ups programme started with two partners in 2017 and has grown to a network of 15 partners operating in 16 cities in four countries (France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy). Since the start of the program, 1,147 refugees - 464 in 2020 alone have been supported and reported a high satisfaction rate (average 91%).

Supporting Newborns

The For Newborns programme operates in four countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and France), working with six different partners. So far it has supported over 5,000 people, mainly parents with newborns, and healthcare workers.

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