The story of Diana, a migrant entrepreneur awarded by the UN for her support to other migrants

Diana Cristancho is a Colombian-born lawyer specializing in international criminal law and trained in the French asylum court.

She had the option to work with a law firm or a legal organization in France. However, after receiving several months of entrepreneurship support and training through our For Refugees Programme, she decided to use her expertise and generosity where it was most needed.

Diana is not easily deterred by challenges and emerged from months of training focused at building her entrepreneurial skills, at our partner Singa’s Parisian incubator, to establish her organisation, ‘Faro’.

Faro means lighthouse in Spanish and is an education platform dedicated to guiding and supporting migrants through their journey and assisting them with administrative procedures.

“As migrants, we navigate difficult paths. The decision to leave one’s homeland is never easy. Sometimes, we need guidance to navigate through the hurdles,” Diana reflects.

Faro provides individualized support to migrants while collaborating with local authorities on migration issues and disseminating legal information on migrants’ and refugees’ rights.

Diana’s work was also recognised by UN France. In June 2021, FARO won the UN Women France Grand Public award for the project “Migrant Women in Business” about inclusion through entrepreneurship and financial autonomy to reduce inequalities and unemployment.

With new projects, partnerships, and public recognition, ‘Faro’ and its founder, Diana Cristancho, continue to shine bright and illuminate the path for those in need.