People's Stories

In our 2019 Activity Report, the first we published, we would like to share the journey started in 2017: what we have accomplished, achieved, and learned along the way. 

Starting from the stories of the people we helped and of our volunteers. Discover our approach, ways of working and our key facts and figures. Browse below for a preview and download the full report to learn more.

People's story


Ana Mariana's Story

This programme helped me a lot. Now, we have a better understanding about how to take care of our children, which I did not know before.

A mother of two living on the outskirts of Jakarta.

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Jelena's Story

‘Having a chance to talk with experts and share experiences with other parents gave me the resources I needed to find my way out of the maze’

A single mother from Serbia.

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Beslan's Story 

‘In Germany I have experienced everything that you can encounter as a young entrepreneur and newcomer, both good and bad. But I don’t get discouraged. I just get up and go back to work!’

A Syrian refugee and founder of Freudy UG, a cheese-making company in Germany.

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Ahmad's Story

‘Now I have to work on marketing my project, creating a network with people who can accelerate Reboot’s progress and help me contact investors and potential customers.’

An refugee from Jordan, creator of Roboot, now living in Paris.

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Laura’s Story

‘Today Laura is active and has put on weight nicely - these are all positive signs of healthy growth and development. All we have to do now is wait, but we are sure she will be okay!’

A baby born prematurely in Poland and afflicted with asphyxia at birth.

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Have a look at the full The Human Safety Net 2019 Activity Report. Discover more about our three programs: methodology, approach, results, and case studies. Read the messages from our board members, learn about our governance. The document is also available in Italian.