Facts and figures

In our 2019 Activity Report, the first we published, we would like to share the journey started in 2017: what we have accomplished, achieved, and learned along the way. 

Starting from the stories of the people we helped and of our volunteers. Discover our approach, ways of working and our key facts and figures. Browse below for a preview and download the full report to learn more.

Facts and Figures

People we’re helping


We have helped 30,000 people: about 20,000 children and 10,000 parents with parenting courses, centres for families and home visits. 683 refugees have benefited from incubation and training, creating 101 new businesses and 39 new jobs. Thanks to employability workshops, additional 38 refugees found paid jobs.

Our investment

The Human Safety Net Foundation is a registered charity. We spend 100% of our grant budget, as well as any donations received, on our programmes. We operate through a mixed funding model: total investment is made up of funding from The Human Safety Net Foundation and from Generali business units. We have started operations at the end of 2017. In 2019 the investment in The Human Safety Net grew to €6,3 M: € 3,2 M from The Human Safety Net Foundation and €3.1 M from the Generali business units.

Supporting Families

Parents and caregivers develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide nurturing care to their young children (ages 0-6). 25 NGO partners work directly with families, offering group parenting sessions, home visits or access to family centres. We’re active in 16 countries across Europe, Asia and South America in over 100 cities and towns; 73% of participants regularly attend and complete the programme. Out of 6,000 parents assessed, approximately 60% showed significant changes in family life.

Empowering Refugee Entrepreneurs

Empowered refugees have a job and build a livelihood through upskilling and entrepreneurship. Our nine partners in 4 countries in 14 locations work directly with refugee entrepreneurs and provide them with training, coaching, spaces and funding; 83% of refugees attend regularly and complete the programme.

Have a look at the full The Human Safety Net 2019 Activity Report. Discover more about our three programs: methodology, approach, results, and case studies. Read the messages from our board members, learn about our governance. The document is also available in Italian.