Thanks to the support ambulances equipped by The Human Safety Net, our daughter Laura has recovered after a complicated birth. Laura suffered from asphyxia, which led to her brain not getting enough oxygen at birth with a serious risk of complete organ failure. We do not know what her future might have been like without the equipment for cooling newborns already in the ambulance.


    When asphyxia occurs, the most important thing is time: newborns’ bodies need to be cooled as soon as possible within the first six hours. Neither in the nearby Zielona Góra Hospital, nor in Poznan, cooling machines were available. The hospital in Wrocław had a place, but Laura was too far from there. Luckily, she was able to be transferred from Nowa Sól to Wrocław, and immediately cooled in the ambulance. Today Laura is active and has put on weight nicely - these are all good signs of healthy growth and development. All we have to do now is wait, but we are sure she will be doing great!’


    Pauline and Lukas are two young parents living in Nowa Sol, a small town in Poland. Her second daughter, Laura, was born before due date and experienced a loss of oxygen in her brain at birth. Thanks to the help of the equipped ambulances supported by The Human Safety Net in Poland, she’s now growing up healthy.

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