High-end of year energy drives a variety of activities to support The Human Safety Net programmes around the world

A special bottle of wine, a jazz concert, donation of toys and books for children, gift packages, raffles, Christmas markets and much more

There have been high levels of end-of-year energy in The Human Safety Net community around the world as different countries have stepped up their support for vulnerable people in society through a host of different activities. 

In France, a charity jazz concert at the Paris Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique in December – with a programme of George Gershwin, Nina Simone, Artie Shaw, Alice Coltrane and others – raised funds for all of The Human Safety Net’s partner NGOs in the country, in particular to give children in vulnerable situations more access to books and cultural events. 

In Germany, the annual Cologne Christmas fundraising campaign was successfully launched with the hashtag #betterplace to support The Human Safety Net’s NGO partner SOS Kinderdorf in giving vulnerable children a happy Christmas.  As part of the fundraising fun, staff in Cologne organised a second-hand Christmas market selling toys and clothes to colleagues; IT colleagues developed a digital game that also allows colleagues to donate to The Human Safety Net while playing; and raffles were held at a number of events during December, with the prizes being products produced by refugees. 

In Spain, 340 Generali volunteers dressed up as one of the Nativity story’s Three Wise Men. Each then bought a gift for one of the children in the programmes run by The Human Safety Net’s NGO partners Fundación Balia and AE Itaca. The presents will be delivered to the families and children at Christmas parties held in Madrid and Barcelona. 

The Human Safety Net has joined forces with Genagricola, the country’s largest agricultural company, to create a special wine called TheNet. Only 3,000 bottles are available in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and each bottle sold will contribute to the For Families programme.
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Also in Italy, Generali colleagues gave up Christmas gifts they received and donated them to vulnerable families. Staff also organised a Christmas digital magic show for the children and parents of the For Families programme. In addition, Generali’s agents in Italy donated to their customers’ solidarity funds to raise money for The Human Safety Net’s NGO partners. 

In Austria, donations of toys and books by Generali employees were turned into gift packs that were then distributed to families who are part of The Human Safety Net’s For Families programme.

In Slovenia, volunteers gathered a collection of board games and other children’s games to be used by The Human Safety Net’s NGO partner ZPM Moste to promote family fun and bonding in its parenting centres, as well as children’s literacy and education in vulnerable families. 

In Hungary, nearly 300 of Generali colleagues and agents visited the nurses of 12 neonatal intensive care and newborn care units across the country, either at their homes or at the hospitals where they work, to bring them gifts to thank them for their work.

Finally, in Hong Kong, colleagues from local and regional offices organised a Christmas Party for children at The Human Safety Net’s NGO partner OneSky with games, gifts – and, of course, a visit from Father Christmas.