The Home in Venice welcomes young Afghani refugees

A group of Afghani refugees explored together “A World of Potential” interactive exhibition inside the Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice

A group of  50 Afghani refugees supported by A2030 Social Innovation Designers, a partner of The Human Safety Net based in Venice, had the chance to explore the interactive exhibition at our Home in the heart of St. Marks Square last week.

At the Next Leaders Day, they had the opportunity to connect and exchange on their character strengths discovered during the visit. "I really enjoyed attending the Next Leaders Day event. I had the opportunity to explore the Human Safety Net and meet other Afghan students of the University of Padua in person. We also had quality time visiting beautiful Venice." Said, an MA student in Forest Science.

Ali, an MA student in Local Development, added: "During the visit I discovered that exhanging with other people who are in my same situation has provided me with both support and hope. In spite of the obstacles in our path, we are able to lend each other support and move closer to realizing our goals thanks to A2030 Next Leader project and The Human Safety Net. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to take part in this program, as well as access to resources that will assist me in accomplishing the objectives I have set for myself.

The moment was also the opportunity to confront themselves with their ambitions for their professional and personal future whilst reinforcing their relationship in person, as they meet daily online at the Inner Place Chat Cafè. At this virtual appointment, they practice Italian language and culture, get info on various processes and applications, they share alerts for scholarships, and exchange how they could further support relatives and friends in Afghanistan, from teaching English to material support.

"At A2030 we work a lot on individual potential within our career guidance workshops and pathways, but to be able to do this all together live with an interactive exhibition on hand was something great and exciting, for us and for them", commented Renato Mingardi, Counselor Career Guidance Expert A2030.

Participants in the programme supported by A2030 include – among others - an engineer in IT mapping systems looking forward to specialising in computer cartography, a nurse who'd like to start working in Italy, a geologist that would like to pursue his career with a PhD in environmental sustainability, a mathematician and a journalist.

It was an outstanding experience, and I was amazed by the work that they are doing to support refugees and vulnerable communities. I am particularly impressed by the A2030 Social Innovation Designers, who are partnering with The Human Safety Net to facilitate the Next Leaders and support young people from Afghanistan. They are providing valuable resources and opportunities for us to pursue our ambitions and make a positive impact in our communities. As a beneficiary of their work, I feel incredibly grateful to have had the chance to be a part of this program.“ concluded Taha, an MA Student Energy Engineering in Padua.