Two stories of Next Leaders

Parvin e Khatima



Parvin is a young woman in her early 20s, a self-taught student who spent many years in Iran in a complex context of discrimination and deprivation of civil rights.

She had returned to Afghanistan to attend University when the Taliban seized power. She then applied for several international competitions to be able to continue her studies thanks to a study visa for abroad she is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Information Engineering, and her dream is then to specialise in biomedical engineering.

As a teenager, she started to give private lessons in English and mathematics to the children of Afghan immigrants who do not have access to public schools. Today, she holds online lessons for Afghan girls who would like to be admitted like her to a degree course abroad to continue their education.



Khatima holds a scholarship from the University of Padua to pursue a Master's degree in 'Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuropsychology', after obtaining a general medical degree in Russia at the Stavropol State Medical University, where she studied for seven years.

She also developed teaching and research experience with a main interest in medical health, clinical practice and neuropsychological assessment. More specifically, she is interested in investigating neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment and frontotemporal disorders, psychological diagnosis and rehabilitation and treating these disorders.

Khatima is a model student selected by the University for outreach activities and serves as a tutor for newly enrolled international students, supporting their inclusion process. She will start her internship in music theraphy in London in a couple of weeks.