Engaging customers in The Human Safety Net

2023 opens the road to engage Generali’s customers to join and amplify The Human Safety Net movement

As part of our ambition to serve more people through The Human Safety Net and reach about 1,000,000 people within the next 5 years, the activation Generali biggest asset, the 67 million customers, has started.

The success of this new strategic road of engagement of our customers relies on three components.

The first one is “communication”.

We will progressively connect our customers to The Human Safety Net mission and its concrete impact on people globally and with a focus on the activities happening in each country. So the first step of engagement for a customer is: “get to know the programme, understand how it delivers impact on people in my community and discover how as a customer, I could contribute”.

First structural customer communication has already started in countries like Spain, where The Human Safety Net news are regularly integrated in customer newsletters, and contents are proposed as social media post for agents. 

Last autumn, the first Generali video presenting The Human Safety Net has been successfully tested in Hungary, confirming the high interest of customers. The 20’’ campaign generated a high level of traffic to the Generali website to discover more about the initiative. It significantly impacted brand preference, showing an increase from 12.9% to 14.5%.

The second one is “the Network of Engaged Agents”. 

At the end 2022, Generali officially launched the new role of “Engaged Agents”. By embracing this new role, Generali agents will extend their role in their communities, supporting people living in vulnerable circumstances. They agreed to become an actor of The Human Safety Net to engage their customers in the movement.

In January, an International Coordination Team of 21 agents from 10 countries accepted to lead that road in 2023. The Team is currently working on three major priorities: 
a)    The definition of a unique and global “charter of Generali’s engaged agent”. The Charter should be validated by end April
b)    The opening of a new dedicated section on the volunteering platform to exclusively support all agents’ initiatives to engage their customers including fundraising activities.
c)    Explore ways to boost the participation of Generali agents in the Global Challenge in June 2023. 

The third one is the activation of insurance products.

Several options are currently under investigation but the first level of integration of The Human Safety Net in the products is to offer the possibility to customers to make a donation at the purchase or renewal of their premium.

Such an approach is today a reality in Hungary. A product was launched in 2021 proposing to the customers to add 5% to their premium for The Human Safety Net, and in this case, Generali matches the donation thus resulting in a 10% for their Families programme. After one year, 68% of the customers decided to donate to support The Human Safety Net.  Similar tests have been conducted in France, and the result is that more than 50% of customers donated. 

In order to drive such engagement of our customers at the moment of a product purchase, the role of agents is essential through the trust and credibility they built over time. Our ambition is to activate a structural approach in a majority of countries already this year.