Latest views on Early Childhood Development

The Home of the Human Safety Net in Venice hosted a meeting of international experts

"By focusing on early childhood," says Juan Larranaga from Minderoo Foundation, "and getting things right from the moment a child is conceived to the moment he enters the school gates, we know that he's going to be ready and equipped to engage in the economy of their community, and in the systems that build and strengthen our community."

In fact, "What Covid did was reveal the inequity of exposure. Data show that this 2 to 3 years lack of access to learning, healthcare, and socialization for the younger kids. As a result, they lost those years, a critical part of their life, and we have to catch up with that." commented James Cairns from the Harvard Centre on the Developing Child.

Another challenge practitioners face scaling. Elvira Thissen of the Bernard Van Leer Foundation acknowledges that people are more aware of the situation of babies, toddlers and caregivers, and solutions are available. But, "How do you make the solutions at a bigger scale, and how do you navigate the challenges that come with it, working with a wide range of partners?"

International experts gathered at the Home of The Human Safety Net in Venice during the Porticus Peers and Partners Meeting. "Meaningful participation, learning and convening, it's the secret invisible sauce that brings different organizations together, including other funders," said Rob Doble from Porticus Foundation. 

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