The Art Studio

The Art Studio

Within the exhibition journey, a large open space is dedicated The Art Studio, where invited artists will display works interpreting the themes surrounding The Human Safety Net's work and the values and strengths represented in the permanent exhibition "A World of Potential".

The Art Studio

"About Us. Tracey Snelling for The Human Safety Net", spaces, images and voices that talk about our identity.


A surprising city teeming with life, where inhabited spaces contain stories, images and voices. A vibrant microcosm to explore, made up of people within their communities, which speaks of each person's strengths and how we can grow and bring about change. 'About Us. Tracey Snelling for The Human Safety Net", curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, is the installation that until 28 April 2025 will integrate the interactive exhibition 'A World of Potential' in the Art Studio, the place inside the Home of The Human Safety Net where social issues are told through the lens of art.

With this installation, the American artist Tracey Snelling leads us to discover how home is an expression of our identity and gives us the freedom to develop our strengths in a safe place while also giving us the chance to improve our living conditions and those of our loved ones.

Tracey Snelling's works represent urban conglomerates, realised with craft materials and techniques and simple technological insertions, such as images, sounds and lights. They are articulated, small-scale sculptures through which the artist captures the essence of everyday life, from the most banal moments to the most intimate narratives behind closed windows, recreating environments and buildings inspired by places she has actually known and investigated during her travels around the world. The visitor is thus stimulated to confront the challenges of society and, through sociological observations, to discover different cultures and experiences that unite human beings even behind apparent disparities.


"The mission of The Human Safety Net to transform the lives of people living in vulnerable situations is fully in line with the ideals I have explored throughout my artistic career, " explains artist Tracey Snelling. "By tackling issues related to globalization and poverty, the 'About Us' project fully shares the values of the Foundation: it is a way to raise awareness on pressing issues, seeking solutions to improve the state of the most vulnerable people. My aspiration is to arouse a feeling of sharing among viewers, fostering empathy and solidarity. I aim to stimulate a spirit of altruism, even if only partially, so that individuals recognise their ability to effect positive change within the global community".

"About Us" also represents the second art project curated by Luca Massimo Barbero for the Art Studio, the space where art dialogues with social issues.

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"The presence of the sculptural works created by Tracey Snelling for the Art Studio is a unique and significant opportunity to present to the public her work of continuous research into places, the people who inhabit them, and their experiences ," says Barbero, "an ideal and conceptual connection with the mission of The Human Safety Net. Through his travels, the artist has in fact been able to examine the different aspects of the human condition in the context of housing quality and the consequences that poverty has on the individual, the community and society. His works represent the idealisation of and relationship with architecture understood as housing, as sharing the city environment, as a place of the individual's essential needs. This is what happens inside the Procuratie Vecchie, in the house of The Human Safety Net, where the public, in its plurality of presence, confronts itself inside the architecture with the content of the human being, its vicissitudes, the idea of how humanity lives in a different way, giving voice to the foreigner, the refugee, the migrant. As the images flow, an interactive narrative of great confrontation is thus created, offering a journey through the plurality and multiplicity of the human, discovering the uniqueness and potential of the individual, a true process of which the exhibition 'A World of Potential' is only the beginning".