The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential

The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential

Arthur Duff's work reveals the uniqueness of each in relation to that of others, transforming it into an unrepeatable and surprising artistic representation.

The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential

With this work Luca Massimo Barbero opens his collaboration with the Art Studio with a two-year curatorial project. "The Art Studio, -  he explains, - is a place of visual and personal experimentation that the visitor makes through his or her own experience throughout this extraordinary plan of The Human Safety Net, a suspended place and visual pivot to be reached right in the heart of Venice. The aim is to create a network that connects the activities of The Human Safety Net space to art, but also to the social issues that develop and are represented in it".

Thanks to Arthur Duff’s work the Art Studio becomes a space for creation and collaboration between visitors

Duff's work complements and completes the itinerary of A World of Potential.  Thanks to it, visitors can see their strengths transformed into an artistic representation through the use of a laser system that creates unique shapes in a kaleidoscope of light. The inspiration comes from 19th century Japanese woodcuts depicting fireworks, emblems of an ideal of ephemeral and transient beauty, designed to astound and surprise the eye of the beholder. A 'hungry' eye - hence the title of the work - that aspires not only to be the point of passage of a perceptive stimulus, but wants to participate in the elaboration of the experience. 

"The Hungriest Eye.The Blossoming of Potential" - says Arthur Duff, - is a work of art, but for me, as an artist, it is also a unique opportunity to investigate the invisible aspects of art objects as physical and non-physical interconnected systems. I would like to create collaborative spaces where the public can actively participate in shaping the artwork through their personal experience of the museum as a whole. The implication of the user is integrated into the structure of the artwork and embedded within the Home of The Human Safety Net. The project Essentially, 'The Hungriest Eye - The Blossoming of Potential' examines the relationship between the potential of the artwork and the potential of each person visiting the Procuratie Vecchie, as an exploration that questions the impact of art on humanity and focuses on objects beyond their simple relationship to human beings.

An artwork to enhance everybody’s right to express their own potential


After exploring their own potential through the interactive exhibition route, visitors enter the Art Studio and witness the creation of an artistic composition that is a unique representation of their own strengths. 'The Hungriest Eye' is thus both an individual and a collective experience. The laser composition of the representation of strengths takes about two minutes, but after thirty seconds it can leave room for the representation of a new image when another visitor arrives. Those who enter the Art Studio are thus unconsciously called upon to experience interactive dynamics with others: the sharing of a space and an experience, the freedom to express themselves in interaction with others.

The same visitor can repeat the experience several times and witness the formation of an ever-changing image. Because every experience changes, modifies the way of being, and this is expressed by the infinite variety of forms that unfold before our 'hungry eye'.

A unique experience in Venice that, through the lens and language of art, wants to remind us of the importance of the right that everyone has to express their potential also, as in this case, through the artistic process.