Give children a book, and you will give them the world!

Generali employees in Serbia completed a collection of books for children 0-6 years

The Human Safety Net in Serbia started a campaign to collect books for children under the age of 6. Generali Osiguranje employees from over 50 towns in Serbia showed solidarity and a desire to help even in this very challenging situation due to Covid-19 crisis. To ensure success, volunteer team coordinators were in charge of motivating and encouraging their colleagues to donate books that will delight the youngest readers and enjoy their parents, too.

This campaign is one of the many activities THSN partner, Novak Djokovic Foundation, in its mission of supporting parents and caregivers in overcoming the challenges of early childhood development and allow every child to unlock his or her potential. Since birth, spending quality time with children and engaging them with play and reading are simple practices that have a proven impact on children's development. 

One of the first volunteers – team coordinators engaged in collecting books was Nataša. "When the books for children campaign started, I wanted to be the coordinator and encourage my colleagues to take part, so that they could experience that joy of giving," said Natasha. She added that this campaign makes all the colleagues happy because it brings smiles to the faces of so many children. 

Vladimir too shared his experience with the project: "We show our greatness when we give, and I am truly pleased that we have started this, and that we bring back smiles to children's faces. Let's all come together, and make a better future for all of us, by giving our children a better childhood!"