Breathing Easier

Stars shine and smiles shimmer at the launch of “Hold Your Breath 2018.”

Stars shine and smiles shimmer at the launch of “Hold Your Breath 2018.”

In a key public area located in the heart of CentralWorld, Thailand’s famous shopping mall and one of the largest such complexes in the world, famous Thai film actors, national athletes and singers gathered together to celebrate successes obtained by Generali Thailand and local The Human Safety Net team in combating asphyxia across the country.

The occasion was the launch of the “Hold Your Breath 2018” a national campaign that for the second year in a row aims to increase awareness around newborn asphyxia

Special guests included Little JR (an asphyxia survivor) and his family, who played a key role in an awareness video created to accompany the campaign as it was rolled out across Thailand. An exhibition wall featuring a range of information and success stories from around the country was set up for the general public. Staff and volunteers from The Human Safety Net joined the event as well, contributing to and supporting the various different outreach efforts that characterized the day.

Hold Your Breath 2017 has had particular resonance in Thailand, where newborn asphyxia affects hundreds of families every year. Through initiatives like these, The Human Safety Net and its partners in Thailand are beginning to make a concrete difference in the lives of newborn Thai.