Building a coordinated action plan for Afghan refugees

We are committed to supporting our partners to promote job creation and entrepreneurship among Afghan newcomers

Thousands of people have been evacuated from Afghanistan in the past few weeks, and thousands more will flee in the coming days and months. Nations around the world have welcomed many of these and there have been unprecedented expressions of solidarity from civil society all over the globe.

Generali Group, through The Human Safety Net and its partners across Europe, stands together with the many who have mobilized to welcome these people into communities across the continent. The Human Safety Net and its community of partners have a strong track record of supporting, among others, Afghan refugees in setting up successful businesses in Germany, France, and Switzerland; many of these entrepreneurs are now playing a leading role in supporting governments and activists in the relocation efforts.

We are proud to work with a network of colleagues, partners, entrepreneurs that has shown such resilience and capability in such a dire time. We strongly believe in the need for coordinated action by civil society to sustain long term integration of newcomers from Afghanistan in our European community. We are committed to supporting our partners in their critical efforts to promote job and enterprise creation for refugees, and we invite others to join us.

We hosted a first meeting with all partners to identify the needs and define the priorities so that we can coordinate our efforts. Together we have defined three urgent priorities to work on:

  1. Create opportunities for gainful employment for people evacuated from Afghanistan
  2. Support civil society actors working on long term integration of Afghan refugees in Europe
  3. Forge alliances across international organizations, businesses, non-profits and government to create a coordinated response that will leave no one behind.

In the coming weeks, we will design and coordinate concrete actions to ensure an effective and impactful response.

At The Human Safety Net we believe that, whatever happens in life, no one should be held back from reaching their potential and we focus all our efforts into making this a reality. We are keen to activate our global net of people helping people for the support of Afghans, together with our strong and focused group of partners.