The people behind our impact: Julia Fernandez from Balia explains the work we do together in Spain

Fundación Balia supports more than 2,500 children and 1,500 families every afternoon in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Madrid, Guadalajara and Seville with a mission: breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

Together with The Human Safety Net, they have designed a programme for families to empower parents to provide the best care for their children, creating an enriching family environment by targeting key vulnerabilities while working on parenting skills.

Julia Fernandez is an educator from Balia and she explains the work we do with families at risk of social exclusion through the “Growing Up Happy” programme.

“The women we work with […] are always in the eye of the hurricane and ask for help. […] They don’t feel judged. Dads are also asking for information. Since last trimester I have two dads who come every Wednesday and rely on me too.”

The relationship the mothers have with the personnel of Balia goes beyond talking about their children, they will open about different issues and their feeling in general, allowing the Balia educators to provide better support to them and their children.