The Human Safety Net Serbia inaugurates a new Family Centre

On 31 January, The Human Safety Net Serbia opened the 15th Center for Parents with the NGO partner Novak Djokovic Foundation.

The Human Safety Net Serbia ’for Families program’ has been active since 2018. During 2021 and 2022, 14 centres for parents were opened across Serbia so that parents have a dedicated place to attend the workshops inside the ’Support, not perfection’ programme.

The 15th Centre is the second one to open in Belgrade because of broad interest in the program. By opening the 15th Centre for Parents, The Human Safety Net Serbia is rounding off the project of opening centres across the country. Through the ’Support, not perfection’ programme, The Human Safety Net and the partner organisation can provide parents with support in raising children and unleashing their potential. 

The strategic commitment is to create long-term sustainable projects supporting the local community. The plan is to continue developing programmes and find new partners who can implement them to cover an even more significant number of families.