A school of gratitude

From school benches to the House of The Human Safety Net to discover and let people discover the extraordinary power of gratitude

This is a story inspired by the exhibition 'A World of Potential', more precisely, one of the strengths presented in it: Gratitude. 

After visiting our display, two teachers from Giovanni Pascoli Middle School in Brescia, inspired by the installation dedicated to Gratitude, decided to recreate the work with their students. 

After preliminary readings and comparisons that led children to explore the theme of human potential in the classroom, the students created a revised version of the Gratitude installation. In its original version, Gratitude allows visitors to digitally print their thoughts about what they are most grateful for on a satin ribbon and then hang it on the branches of the Gratitude Tree.

The school displayed the artwork, and the children became tutors who welcomed and accompanied students from the other classes to discover the importance of gratitude.

This January, the students of class 3E finally visited the House of The Human Safety Net and the exhibition A World of Potential, able to see the original installation with their own eyes. It allowed them to discover their potential and learn about The Human Safety Net's Programmes for Families and Refugees.