Providing a memorable summer for every child

This year, the NGO partners of The Human Safety Net For Families programme will benefit from the recently concluded Global Challenge to fund their annual summer camps and provide an amusing summer to many children and parents in 7 countries.

Summer is a time for children to relax and have fun, they have more free time, and it allows them to explore their interests and develop new skills. They can also spend time with their families and friends, which helps them build strong relationships.

According to UNICEF data, an estimated 1 billion children worldwide lack access to education, health, housing, nutrition, sanitation or water (defined as “multi-dimensionally poor”). This condition is worsened during summer when many families living in vulnerable contexts miss the support of schools and lack resources to provide their children with the activities and experiences they need to thrive. 

The Global Challenge, the annual fundraising campaign activated in 24 countries and held throughout June, raised more than € 450,000 this year, which will be entirely employed to fund projects and activities for children, parents and refugees living in vulnerable contexts.

These activities include summer camps, which aim to provide fun, engaging and stimulating activities for children and parents in need in France, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Camps offer educational, recreational, and social activities, confirming NGOs' crucial role in ensuring that all children, regardless of their circumstances, can learn, grow and have fun during summer!

Discover more about this year’s Global Challenge engagement and impactful results in the video below.