Connecting communities to support the Families programme in Europe

The collaboration with Generali Vitality has made it possible to raise over €370,000, supporting “For Families” programme as well as the Ukrainian families impacted by the war.

Helping to support families in need by turning one's personal wellness goals into opportunities for solidarity: this is the result of the collaboration between The Human Safety Net, Generali's foundation dedicated to the most vulnerable, and Generali Vitality, the innovative health and wellness programme designed to encourage and reward healthy behaviour for customers seeking a healthier lifestyle.

As part of the program, members of Generali Vitality are encouraged to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles through a system that rewards any progress made during the programme’s activities: this way, customers earn points that can be converted into benefits, discounts in the form of vouchers offered by selected partners. Vitality community members were proposed to exchange their gift vouchers for a donation to The Human Safety Net. 

Over one year, 6 out of 10 people decided to exchange their gift vouchers for a donation.  Together they allowed to raise 372,000 euros in Germany, Austria, France, Spain and other countries to support families, children, and refugee families.

In Germany, in partnership with The Human Safety Net local Ngo partner, Caritas, different activities were implemented for Ukrainian families escaping war. In Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Aachen, professional staff and volunteers supported Ukranian people in finding apartments to live in, proposing art therapy workshops, individual psychological counselling, language cafés for mothers and, for their children, play & art laboratories coupled with educational support.

These results demonstrate how the positive impact of Generali Vitality programme can extend and go beyond their community to help people in vulnerable circumstances.