Welcome to SOS Children Villages in Portugal as a new For Families partner

The global movement of people helping people is now active in 24 countries

In mid-July, The Human Safety Net welcomed a new partner of the programme for Families, Aldeias de Crianças SOS, which joined a network of more than 62 NGOs, and a new country, Portugal. The NGO has decades of experience working with communities, partners and governments to ensure that the rights of all children in all societies are fulfilled. The main objective of Aldeias de Crianças SOS - federated to the international SOS Children's Villages - is to protect and care for children who live in vulnerable parental contexts. 

Members of the NGO were warmly welcomed at the kick-off event on July 11-12th with top representatives from Tranquilidade, the Generali Group company in Portugal, with the primary objective of informing, engaging and designing the roadmap in the country.

Pedro Carvalho, Generali Portugal CEO, opened the kick-off event: "Today is a joyous day for our Company, marking the beginning of our efforts to implement and grow The Human Safety Net in Portugal. We have outlined a project and chosen our NGO partner, and we will begin to involve our employees and agents. But from the start, our ambition is to expand the impact of The Human Safety Net in our country, with new projects and partnerships, the promotion of volunteering and fundraising, and other initiatives that can make a difference for many families."

With the support of The Human Safety Net, Aldeias de Crianças SOS will boost its Family Strengthening Programmes in four locations, which focus on families with children aged 0-6 years living in vulnerable conditions. The programme's core is supporting the family as the ideal context for the child's development, providing parental skills and empowering parents to protect their children's well-being.

Starting from prevention, it offers integrated and collaborative interventions to promote parental care skills and protection dynamics to assist families of origin in ensuring children's well-being.