Donations and practical support for families impacted by Ukraine crisis

The fundraising campaign has already hit more than € 1 million for UNICEF’s Child and Family Support Hubs

The Human Safety Net is to donate more than €1m to UNICEF to support families impacted by the Ukraine invasion, thanks to internal fund-raising by employees, with the Generali Group matching all donations.

The money will go to help UNICEF activate Child and Family Support Hubs (known as ‘Blue Dots’) along escape routes from Ukraine. These hubs offer safe spaces for families and provides information about the support systems and services available to them. They also have child-friendly places for children to rest, play and receive protection and psychological support – and dedicated spaces for breastfeeding mothers to care for their infants in private.

In addition to the donation, The Human Safety Net also activated Generali capabilities around the world to support Ukrainian refugees as well as the people helping them in different ways: 

In Switzerland and Germany, Generali has extended its personal liability and household contents cover, offering ‘free protection to Ukrainians welcomed into the homes of Generali customers’. 

In France and Germany, a partnership between The Human Safety Net’s local partner SINGA and a refugee hosting platform has made it easier to connect Ukrainian refugees with employees wanting to welcome them into their homes. 

The Generali Academy in Bensberg, Germany, has been turned into a temporary refugee shelter that can host up to 50 Ukrainian refugees. 

In the Czech Republic an initiative has been launched to offer immediate and free protection to people whose vehicles are registered in Ukraine, automatically covering any damage done to them. 

By continuing to leverage the network of The Human Safety Net, we will support the efforts of refugee organisations through the coming weeks and months who are delivering services to families with children impacted by the crisis. The Human Safety Net is continuing to collect donations for Ukraine via the following link: