Legal disclaimer on donations

An online donation tool – provided by iRaiser - through which Fondazione Generali THSN collects funds to be allocated to the projects and activities specified in the same section, is accessible via a specific section of the Website, in accordance with the internal rules and procedures.

On the iRaiser platform donations may be made by credit card, through the Stripe online payment system operated by Stripe, Inc (with registered office in the United States), in accordance with the terms and conditions of payment applied by the latter; more information is available on the website. Stripe, Inc. will transfer the donations received to Fondazione Generali THSN, less any applicable taxes, while transaction fees will be charged separately. Donations can be done also via bank transfer. 

Fondazione Generali THSN is not in any way involved in the aforementioned payment process, which will be take place directly between the donor and Stripe, Inc., through the dedicated platform; Fondazione Generali THSN is in no way responsible for the operation of the Stripe payment platform nor for the bank to bank transfers.

When making donations, the User must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and must not violate any agreements between the User and third parties. Fondazione Generali THSN is not responsible for any User violations, particularly (but not exclusively) violations consisting of unauthorised or fraudulent credit card use.