The Global Community of Engaged Agents

Engaged Agents from 26 countries are joining The Human Safety Net

Together, they decided to extend their role by engaging their customers in the movement to make their community a better place.

I want to become <br/>an Engaged Agent
I want to become
an Engaged Agent

If you want to become an actor of The Human Safety Net in your community to ENGAGE your customers in the movement and accept the Charter of Engaged Agent, you can REGISTER HERE by filling the form.

Register here
I am<br/>an Engaged Agents
I am
an Engaged Agents

Here you access to the dedicated platform for all Engaged Agents. Meet all engaged agents, get your starter kit, access to all tools to be an engaged agents and see the impact of your actions.

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To be an Engaged Agent

By proposing to your customers to join The Human Safety Net, you activate the biggest human resource Generali has to amplify our movement and its impact.

To succeed you will have to CONNECT & ENGAGE your customers


CONNECT your customers

By CONNECTING regularly your customers to The Human Safety Net you make sure they know what we do for the people in our communities, they discover stories from beneficiaries and actors of the movement and see the final impact we reach. 
This CONNECTION part is essential to build credibility of our action and Egnyte the will to join. Here are some examples of how to CONNECT.

CONNECT your customers

ENGAGE your customers

When you ENGAGE your customers in the movement, you propose some concrete ways to contribute so they can feel part of it. The ambition is that your customers feel that this is also THEIR movement. It is important to propose regularly some concrete ways to ENGAGE to your customers so that their engagement is not a simple one-off.


ENGAGE your customers

The Charter of Engaged Agent

By signing this charter, I join officially the Global Community of Engaged Agents at Generali and commit to follow the 4 Golden rules

I am engaged for the cause

I make a clear distinction between my role of agent and my role of Engaged Agent for The Human Safety Net.

I am an actor of The Human Safety Net in my community

I inspire and engage my team, my customers and my community to join the movement of The Human Safety Net.

I personally organize local activities

with my customers and community to amplify the positive action of The Human Safety Net.