The project

Our home

The Home of The Human Safety Net Foundation is hosted in the Procuratie Vecchie on St Mark’s Square in Venice. Amplifying our impact, Generali has renovated the building, where founders first established their offices in Venice back in 1832. The name of the building itself, Procuratie Vecchie, traces back to the Procuratori, its first inhabitants and high officials who ran the Venetian republic. They administered the city, and were also in charge of social issues. All this makes a significant connection to The Human Safety Net mission today.

A space open to the public

For the first time in 500 years, the Procuratie Vecchie are open to the public. Tourists and Venetians can discover the challenges that vulnerable people face, learn about the social impact of The Human Safety Net programs and how they can help, through an interactive journey.

Our home symbolically bridges the gaps between open and closed spaces, ancient institutions, social issues and future challenges.

David Chipperfield, in charge of the restoration project says:

“We have come to better understand the hidden complexities that have accumulated behind the grand public façade of the Procuratie Vecchie. In adapting the building to accommodate a more public programme for The Human Safety Net, we are continuing this story of its evolution, carefully balancing new infrastructural requirements with restoration and refurbishment of the historic fabric. The project is driven by the dual ambition of re-unifying the building as an architectural work and re-instating its role as a place of work, meeting and discussion for the city.”

The renovation and enhancement project was meant to create a new permeability of the square, offering a new way of travelling, living and experiencing the square and its attractions. 

New connections in Piazza San Marco

In partnership with Generali, The Venice Garden Foundation has renovated and opened to the public the Royal Gardens, very close to St. Mark’s Square and overlooking the Grand Canal. 

Inside The Human Garden, the Gardens' greenhouse that hosts artistic and cultural activities, we have also set up the Archive of the Roots, the art installation representing The Human Safety Net. 

This is a collection of wooden tiles coming from all the countries where we are active. The installation enables the discovery of the stories of families and refugees The Human Safety Net supports. It expresses the connection between people and cultures at the centre of our mission: people helping people and harmony in diversity.