A World of Potential: an interactive journey to discover your strengths

All of us have potential and the right to express it. Visit the interactive “A World of Potential” exhibition to discover your strengths and learn how to see the best in yourself and in those around you


A World of Potential is hosted at the Home of The Human Safety Net, on the third floor of the Procuratie Vecchie, at 105 St. Mark’s Square, Venice. This iconic building, whose history is inextricably linked with that of St. Mark’s Square and the city of Venice, was recently brought back to its former glory through restoration work by 2023 Pritzker Prize winner David Chipperfield and is now open to the public for the first time in its 500-year history. 

On Thursdays, admission is free for residents of Venice and the Metropolitan City, students from universities in the Venice area up to the age of 26 with a valid student card, and "Venezia Unica City Pass card" holders. 

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A World of Potential: a playful and interactive experience, leading us on a surprising journey to discover our strengths. Suitable for all, A World of Potential is designed as a progression of experiences that lead visitors to explore their own potential in terms of creativity, perseverance, gratitude, curiosity, hope, social intelligence, and teamwork. These strengths, which can be trained like a muscle, have been translated into 16 multilingual interactive installations, both analogue and digital, which engage the most diverse audiences in a journey of discovery, growth, and sharing with others. 

This journey offers visitors the opportunity to increase awareness of their potential and expand their perception of the world. It is an experience that acts on the senses and memory, and which generates positive emotions. But it is also an experience that creates a shift from “me” to “we”; in the final part, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about The Human Safety Net Foundation. Visitors will also have the opportunity to donate half of their ticket price to our programmes for vulnerable families with children up to six years old and for refugees. 

The exhibition is curated by Orna Cohen, founder of Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE), a social enterprise based in Hamburg, Germany, which has been promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable people through exhibitions and workshops worldwide since 1988.

The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential

_DSC0424 1 .jpg

The uniqueness of each of us becomes a work of art: this is the concept behind “The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming Potential” by Arthur Duff, the temporary installation in the Art Studio which rounds off the permanent interactive exhibition, A World of Potential, offering a vision of the world through the lens of contemporary art. 

Open until 10 March 2024, “The Hungriest Eye. The Blossoming of Potential” by Arthur Duff is inspired by 19th-century Japanese woodcuts depicting the ephemeral and transient beauty of fireworks. This inspiration led the artist to use an innovative laser system to create unique shapes of light and colour, in an unrepeatable and surprising artistic representation of our individual set of strengths. 

Discover your strengths with "A World of Potential"
to understand yourself and others better!