Thanks to ReDI School, I got real business knowledge and a good experience in different technologies

"Now I can create websites and do my coding, and thanks to their mentoring programme I found my job and received many chances."

"I studied civil engineering (BA) in Myanmar, where I worked four years as a civil engineer. I left for Germany in 2019 because of the political situation and lack of opportunities for young people, but later I couldn't come back.

Everything was so different in Germany – I had never seen snow before, and getting a work permit and a job was tough. Then, in 2020 a friend passed me the contact of ReDI School: I attended their Digital Women programme to strengthen my digital literacy skills.

After that, I advanced into new courses of their digital careers programme every semester. That's how I learned software development, including Phyton and CS programming languages.

ReDI School is so strong. When I study at ReDI, I get actual business knowledge and a good experience in different technologies. For example, I knew nothing about data science before, but now I can create websites and do my coding. I worked at Starbucks to have more opportunities to speak in German. In addition, the ReDI mentoring programme benefited me: I found my job and received many chances. My last mentor helped me to get admission for a Master's Degree at Fachhochschule München.

Currently, I work as a civil engineer at Nutsch Ingenieure GmbH, especially on static issues. I just started a Masters degree in civil engineering with a specialization in static and structural engineering. The dual programme allows me to learn and earn an income to support my parents and those struggling at home.

I love my job and want to continue working with this company. In the next three years, I will achieve my Master's degree and improve my German and IT skills. Then, I will be ready to apply technology to my professional field."

Phyo, a 32-year-old civil engineer from Myanmar, participated in digital literacy training and specific software and website development courses over two years at ReDi School and received support from three different mentors. She now has a permanent contract at a German engineering firm and is attending a Master's degree at Fachhochschule München