I’ll always be grateful for the great support for our children’s education

Patricia has attended The Human Safety Net partner Itaca’s workshops in Barcelona (Spain). She lives with her husband and their two children: Gabriel, who is two and a half; and Natalia, who is 16.

"I learned about Itaca by chance. A friend invited me when Gabriel was only four months old. She told me there were workshops for families, and I decided to attend. Other mothers helped me join the programme, and I soon felt at home. For example, I learned how to teach our children to socialize better, be more independent and interact with others. Gabriel has improved a lot. He has left the diapers behind, and eats alone now. This was a huge step!

During the lockdown in March, the Foundation gave us unconditional support. Itaca and The Human Safety Net, together with other associations, gave us food and support during that difficult time. They even offered financial support to families in extreme difficulty. I received so much help and I am so grateful that I started recommending the programme to my friends. Those who need help, of course, but also those who might benefit from social, psychological and emotional support. In these complicated times, it is important to feel protected.

I am super proud that my daughter Natalia, who previously participated in Itaca's programs as a teenager, now wants to become an early childhood educator. She participates in sessions with the small children as a volunteer in The Human Safety Net programme, to learn more about this profession. The Foundation welcomes everyone. They support us in family development and give us the best advice for educating our children.